Cured Cases:

Homoeopathy is a science, so it relies on scientific proof only – No assumption or prejudiced dogma holds ground under the Homoeopathic system of treatment. When we assert that certain ailment is curable under our homoeopathic treatment regime, we assure you that we have actually treated patients with such issues and their recovery has been scientifically verified. This section will show you both photographic and medical diagnostic evidence of wonderful recoveries under Homeopathic system of treatment.

[Please Note: Patients' names are changed to protect their privacy.]



She developed Dark Rings around the Eyes for last few years, darkening of the face in sun exposure for complexion dusky. She wanted to look bright and glowing. So she was using costly sun screen lotions, but all in vain. Now just see the changes in the picture after using Homoeopathic medicine, lotion and creams.



Acnes were appearing on her face one after another, making scar all over the face, which could not be prevented in general allopathic treatment. When allopathic skin specialist advised for laser treatment, she decided to try Homeopathic treatment. Now you can see the changes – even her complexion is looking fare than earlier.



She was suffering from Dermatitis and Dandruff. Previously it was treated by different skin specialist, but diseases always reappeared after a month. It is finally cured by Homeopathic medicine. See the changes in picture.


Before After

He developed Atopic Dermatitis. He was fade up with different treatments. See the change after Homeopathic treatment.

Baptu (Baby):


Had one Congenital Mole on head, turning to Cyst; then see the changes after Homeopathic treatment.

Kader Ali:

Before After

A few warts appeared on his face, he was annoyed with it. See the changes after Homeopathic treatment, as there are no warts.

Atanu Saha:

Before After

Had painful pustules & acne all over the face, for the last few years. Observe the face after Homeopathic treatment.


Before After

This case proves that complexion can be changed to a fairer through Homoeopathic treatment. Please follow the picture to feel the continuous improvement.


Before After

Had eczema. This change had been done by only 15 days. Miracle of Homeopathy in action.

Medico-diagnostic proofs of recovery under Dr. Snjay Ray’s Homoeopathic treatment:

A Case of Uterine Fibroid

Before After
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A Case of Polycystic Ovaries

Before Treatment Ongoing After
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A Case of Ovarian Cyst

Before After
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A Case of Kidney Stone

Before After
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More Success Stories:

Case I

Stammering: A. Three years old child, resident of Calcutta near Taltala,
That time I used to sit on different homeopathic shops, his mother told me, in usual time he stammer when he talk some time stammering leads to spasm, and boy was  treated different doctors of that place no result, my prescription was Cuprum Met 30, the boy was cured finally.

Case II

Whooping Cough: A 4 years old child bought to me she is suffering from severe distressing cough whole day and night for last three and half month, she has been treated with different allopath and homeopaths, they tried in CMRI Calcutta; All failed
Her eyes were shrunken and puffed little bit, in the morning she coughs until she vomits large quantity of glairy mucus. I prescribed Coccus Cacti Q. 5 drop 3 times a day for 7days her child now sleeping after three & half month the cough was cured.

Case III

Suspected Tuberculosis: A 8 years old child came to me with his mother, his mother told me, her child coughing for last 7 month, no doctor, left to shown at Dankuni lastly they went to B.C.Ray child hospital. They suspected Tuberculosis, but no laboratory findings. Thin boy with tickling cough in room or out side intense desire to take cold water first I prescribed Phos 30, from next day no cough his mother said it is never happened in last 7 month but after 6 month again cough break out, then she told he is coughing whole day but disappear when he is sleep at night the prescription was Thuja  IM od1 days no more relapse till now. That is last 5 years.

Case IV

Kidney stone: Mrs. X- she was 21 years of age, resident of, Haripal, Hooghly district in a village, she is newly married. Severe pain in abdomen, tossing some time. The diagnosis was kidney stone, 3 stone in kidney & Pelvis, one of my uncle send to me, because he also benefited these problem from me. Constitutionally Prescribed Calc Phos 0/1, of, Sil6x, Berberis V, Q Urtica Urence all these medicine worked miracle within 3 month 2 stone come out but last stone made some pain, Pararia Breva 200 help me in this respect her last USG report revealed No stone.

Case V

Ovary Cyst: 22 years old unmarried girl come to me with Ovary cyst with irregular menstruation. First I prescribed her constitutional medicine from o/I to 0/8, in 6 month. Another Biochemic combination made according her problem. After 6 month new USG revealed No Cyst in her Ovary.

Case VI

Kidney Cyst: One case of Uttarpara of 75 years of age suffering with severe pain with constipation and anuria  her for pain spasmo prorxivon, laxit for constipation and other allopathic medicine failed to respond, on that time one of my friend request me to take this case, I told his, she is in a dying position, he told if you don’t take her she will definitely die, I went with her to Uttarparara and I prepared Biochemic combination and constitutional medicine, and Various medicine, according to her complain .after one month she can her  locality, pain and constipation already subsided after two months, treatment continued for 2 years, after that I asked her for USG but she was unable to do for her Financial condition. here was no news for last 5 years now 7 years back her son called me again I want to her she said there was no such problem for last 5 years but last 3 years she is feeling volume of urine is reducing seriously I prescribed again the previous medicine, now  she is well.

Case VII

Asthma Case: 35yrs of age suffering from Asthma, from very childhood and exactly getting relief by Allopathic medicine. Asthalin 4mg,etc has to take years after year once or twice a month have to take antibiotic course because, blood comes with sputa , some time ,with severe  constipation , the highest effective, laxative `Kabjahar’ was his regular routine, he had history of gland T.B. I prescribed Tuberealinun 0/1 to 0/8,then  Sulph ,Phos ,Psor ,Thuja in different time after 2 years .Now he is free from all this problem including constipation.


Hydrocele in Children: A 4 years old child having Left sided hydrocele ,Surgeon advised his parent to Operate That,  USG of testis &  Scrotum revealed the Hydrocele. Then came to me I prescribed Abrotanum 10M,3dose,and Biochemic Mix after a Month the scrotum reduced and the severe diarrhea ,watery stool started .Parent took him to a child specialist after 2-3 specialist consultation ultimately diarrhea Controlled & again scrotum enlarged.
Parent again reported all this problem I said I am trying for a second time  again ,I prescribed Abrotanum 50M and advised them if diarrhea occurs again simply observe the child ,If child become weak ,report me ,after 22 day informed me over phone the child doing stool 10 times per day averagely but child is playing and running as before ,I told them not to take any medicine for diarrhea the after 15 day the scrotal size of both side return to equal size. Even  after 3 years the reported, No problem.

Another 3-4  Hydrocele  case also cured by different medicine.

Case IX

Piles Cures from deadline end: A 22yrs old Girl called me, she was treated by another physician. It was horrible seen she is Lying on face with knee and elbow position. She said she lying in this position for Last one month. She eats; sleep in this position, with serious burning pain in rectum bleeding piles. I prescribed Ars Alb 6,Aloes soc 6,and Lach o/1,after week reported Now she can sleep in supine position .Then Thuja 0/4,cured her piles.

Case X

High Blood Pressure: Pressure 180/100 he using Allopathic medicine for long time one day he came to my clinic asked me whether Blood Pressure can be controlled by homeopathic medicine? He tried to leave some time, but failed. I started treatment constitutionally   Sulphur 0/1,prescribed and Rauwlfia Q,20Drops 2 times a day, and come time L . bane ,Conium, Aurum Met used in course of treatment .After a month Blood Pressure 120/80 run /Hg most of the time.

Case XI

Diabetic Ulcer: A 50 years old person come to me for his  Ulcer  in his foot he was one of a Rich and respectable person ,of the village .but all the treatment  regarding ulcer were failed, lastly doctor advised him to ampute the feet. His Blood sugar level varies between 350(P.P) to 450(P.P)  ,in spite of allopathic medicine. His ball of the toe of Right sole, 1 ½ inch deep & (2”X1”) squire inch area ulcer were filled with black discharge ,horrible offensive  dour. Prescription Constitutionally, Wolfts claw 0/1 to 0/10 syzygium  jamb, Urenium Nit 3x some time, Acid Sulph ,etc. Calendula 200 etc. all these medicine time to time cured the gangrene and Ulcer cured within 6 month.

Case XII

Insane Cured by Medicine: She was sleepless for last 6 month .She fears to cross the street ,She fears when her child go to school whether they return or not? Great  fear of death. Every where is setting fire  ,her all constitutional symptom corroborate to Pulsetilla  200 cured the case, it was Miracle, all the detail symptom I can not remember. I had   seen this 8 years back. Sleep returned.


HYDROCELE: One student came to me for Diarrhea , and his friend said me that I have a big problem is it curable? I asked what is your problem, he said I am suffering from Hydrocele for last 3 month. I asked how does it begin? It was started after compression that is injury. I again asked him do you sure? He said sure, three month back there it was no swelling prescription was saunbucus 30 . 10 dose after one month boy reported me he is cured .I am optimist within one month how does it occurs, yes It is HOMEOPATHY.

Case XIV

Face Aene  Spots: A Good Number of case Respond by homeopathic treatment by different group of medicine kali bi, Sulphur, Lachesis ,Lycopodium etc.

Case XV

Small Breast: Her husband came to me if is there and possibility to increase the size of the breast .after starting the treatment, Within a few month her husband told it is improving satisfactory.

Case XVI

Conjunctiva Haemorrhage: One patient with left sided conjuctival haemorrhage  blurred the eye, first time went to Susrut Eye Hospital the they said they have no medicine ,it will go spontaneously but it may take more than a month but Lachesis 200 & Arnica 200 cured him within a week.

Case XV

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Disease occurs from Median nerve compression pain in wrist she was unable to sleep foe last few day but few dose of ledum and passiflora Q relieved her. 4-5 such cases cured by those symptoms.


Peptic Ulcer with Black Stool: Two person from a village came to me, said they have already visited to a surgeon and they were advised for operation after a month, if homeopathy can do some thing. I treated them constitutionally one cured by Clubb Moss another by Nat Mur, their most of the problem subsided within a month I have done their barium meal X-ray of their stomach & duodenum, there was no ulcer crater, I declared cured after 7 month.

Many more such cases are there. It really makes me happy when I some one enjoying his or her life to the fullest after being cured of so called “incurable” dieses, through my Homeopathic treatment.

Our Homeopathic Treatment Is Easy, Safe & Modern. The Most Successful & Sureshort Treatment Are Done On This Diseases — Acne, Acidity, Artharitis Of Knee & Other Joints, Complexion Fairness, Peptic Ulcer, Spondilitis, High Blood Pressure, High Uric Acid, High Cholesterol & Triglicerides, Back Pain, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Leucorrhoea, Leucoderma, Mouth Ulcer, Obisity, Childrens Disorder, Constipation, Piles, Skin Problem, Pityriasis, Ringworm, Dandruf, Gastritis, Ulcer, Menstrual Disorder, Kidney Cyst, Protein Uria, Overycyst, Tumour, Tonsilities, Urine Infection Repeated, Warts, Whooping Cough, Enlarged Prostate, Etc.

Caution: All refences to treatments and medications provided here are for medical reference perpose only and in no case should be used as self-medication.

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