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Tennis elbow cured by homeopathy

Tennis elbow
tennis elbow. is pain in epicondyle of elbow(it is non articular rheumatism of ex tensor muscle of forearm means inflammation common ex tensor due to repeated strain on elbow,
This more often seen in tennis player, but huge number of sufferer of these diseases had never played tennis Cause

                Tennis elbow occur when tendon attachment to the muscle and bone at elbow joint become damaged, due to repeated strain.
                 Lateral aspect of tendon injured due to vigorous and repeated use of fore arm against resistant.
                  Repetitive activity with elbow joint.
Conventional management
  1. Rest pain full arm as much as possible
                   2. Avoid power full contraction
                   3. Steroid injection or anesthetic gel
Case - Mr R. P. PAL. –Suffering from Tennis elbow , he was trouble by serious pain ,he went orthopedic surgeon for month ,but he avoided orthopedic treatment, for, steroid injection and pain killer , After homoeo treatment, with constitutional medicine, cured within 3 month in my clinic.