Low Sperm Count /men infertility

Low Sperm count
Homeopathic medicine can improve sperm count ,I think if the correct medicine is prescribed,that can do miracle .I did it with challenge. One of my patient came to me serious ,worried face –his problem was extremely serious. –Problem is oligospermia or low sperm count .See the result of treatment-
 First report

Sperm count -3-4 sperm/fild

Motility –most of the sperm was non motile
Maturity most of the sperm was immature(morphologically abnormal)
Treatment was started homeopathic constitutional medicine change
After one month—
Sperm count -16 million /ml
Motility — 20% sperm motile,after one hour
Maturity —65%
After 2 month
Sperm count -18 million/ml
After 3 month treatment
   Sperm count -48 million /ml
Motility -50 % after one hour
Mature 80%
I think it is a hope of light ,in treatment of male infertility.This success can boost up ,other suffering people ,improvement is possible within 3-4 month.Homeopathic medicine is best for this ,type of treatment ,
This is one of my cases is clinically presented here.

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