How Do Homoeopathic Medicines Act?

Dr. Nirmal Chandra Sukul of BISWA BHARATI University done a research first in AMERICA then in RUSSIA. He has done Experiment Apoplexy – by agaricus and Cannabis Indica. Medicine do not work through the GI tract. It is possible not even by injection.

Another Experiment on Lelingrath University – introduce Electrode in the hypothalamus of a Cat and it is recorded through Oscilloscope – with dose of homeopathic medicine on tongue of cat – Nux Vom 200; Hyperieum 200, Ars Alb 200, within I see to see there was change in electrical activity, but in case of control just with plane water there was no electrical changes. So homeopathic medicine act through the nerve root and action occurs immediate it is proved.

This type of researches is going on with our knowledge or without but true is always true, it has scientific explanation now a day in direct or indirect ways these event you may or may not known to you, brother you discuss it to the interested people it will multiply your confidence to everybody, if you suppress it in yourself, ignorant people shall try to suppress you. “Aude Sepre”, be brave.


Prof. Dr. A.R Khudabox Applied X-ray on Mice – 50, 100, 200 rad respectively.

Medicine Applied  Hypericum 30, Arnica 30, Ruta g 200

  • One group of mice medicated as Prophylaction before radiation.
  • One group Antidoted after radiation.
  • In every case had control and cheek.
  • Bad Effect of x-ray on gene cause abnormality on gene can be avoided.

Dr. Khudabox & Miss Sharmitha Banik – Ginseng 200 – the medicine able to remove the abnormality.

Proof that Homeo-Dilution Acts, In laboratory

Russian scientist Dr. Berejo Vosky did the following experiment with a team of scientists.

Nitro-Sodi Methyl Urea that is a safe bio-stimulator – does rapid cell division, result rapid development of plant but side effect is tumor, that is a big problem, that is a cancerous tumor -They diluted the solution 10-12, –  result 50 times, more growth effect than the control plant.

They made the solution more diluted until of any single atom –

  • With same effect in different plant they growing more than 50% than the control.
  • They repeat the project. The result was same
  • The scientists are exclaimed that 10-60 diluted solution doing more effect on plant.
  • Now other scientist diluted in the same way the other bio- stimulator results are same