About me:

I am Dr Sanjay Ray practicing in my won chamber in won way of treatment. After 10 years of successful treatment of various patients I am thinking for open a website (drsrayshomeo.com).

I passed B.H.M.S. from National Institute of Homeopathy at 1999.

I think my recognisation in my work; all is well when patient cures. every time I went through analysis different medicine and different diseases, without totality of symptoms homoeopathy cannot do anything, so my website contain essence of modern homeopathy for patient detail study and correct prescription. Not merely sending scheduled medicine and earning money.
Just few line brief history written below:

I started practice in village there were some miracle happened, just few of them I am describing; -- Diabetic ulcer of patient cured within six month. Insane cured within month. Peptic ulcer with black stool cured within three month, uterine fibroid, artharitis, renal stone, asthma and ovary cyst, cured. All this case inspired me.

From beginning of practice I am influenced by different successful Prof. Dr. S Sarkar, Dr S Adhikary, and my uncle, Dr Bhawani Ray (ex medical officer) and another doctor, Dr. K P Banerjee, who has cured many patients silently. He helped me in my practice life he has given his lots of experience, and my brother Dr. Sabyasachi Ray helped me lot. I am always obliged to them.

To open this site inspired me my wife Mrs. Samaptika Ray and my father in law Amarendra Nath Mukherjee and my father Swapan Kumar Ray, so I dedicate this site in their name.

Dr. Sanjay Ray

My Homeopathic Treatment Is Easy, Safe & Modern. The Most Successful & Sureshort Treatment Are Done On This Diseases — Acne, Acidity, Artharitis Of Knee & Other Joints, Complexion Fairness, Peptic Ulcer, Spondilitis, High Blood Pressure, High Uric Acid, High Cholesterol & Triglicerides, Back Pain, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Leucorrhoea, Leucoderma, Mouth Ulcer, Obisity, Childrens Disorder, Constipation, Piles, Skin Problem, Pityriasis, Ringworm, Dandruf, Gastritis, Ulcer, Menstrual Disorder, Kidney Cyst, Protein Uria, Overycyst, Tumour, Tonsilities, Urine Infection Repeated, Warts, Whooping Cough, Enlarged Prostate, etc.

Getting treated is just as easy as 1234...

Treatment Procedure:

  1. Fill up the form correctly in the "Get Treated" section.
  2. Make payment online through PayPal or deposit the amount directly in the mentioned Bank Account.
  3. Send an confirmation email along with all payment details, if you chose to deposit the amount directly into the bank account.
  4. Dr. Sanjay Ray will contact you over email in case any further information is required for the treatment.
  5. You can also contact him through email or talk directly over telephone or chat online within fixed hours to eliminate any doubt you might have.
  6. Get the medical advice along with the medicine package through courier or medical advice only depending on the treatment package you chose.